Custom Brush Design


This series takes a deep look into the Photoshop brush engine, and fully prepares you to create your own library of "Custom Brushes".  Over the course of 9 videos the series explores four categories brushes: basic texture, scatter, linear-repeat, and natural media.  Each of these case studies begins with a solid concept and follows the design through to finished brush.  The brush engine can appear confusing due to its plethora of menus, but this series aims to simplify the process down to easily repeatable steps.  

You might notice that this download does not include a brush pack.  Instead, I provide raw materials such as seamless textures which will help you create your very own brushes from scratch. Remember: the best brush is one that you create for yourself.  

Runtime: 60 Minutes  (Digital Download)
Includes seamless textures


1. Intro
2. Basic Texture Brush
3. Scatter Brush
4. "Temp" Brushes
5. Linear Repeat Brush
6. Natural Media Brush
7. Tool Presets
8. Organization
9. Final Thoughts


This store is run by Matt Kohr, the same guy that makes all the videos. Have a question? Let him know! ctrlpaint at