Design Basics


What makes heroes look heroic and villains look evil?  Design.  "Design Basics" examines the hidden language of shapes, colors, and materials in order to better use them for concept art and illustration.  

Unlike other Ctrl+Paint videos which focus on technique, this series explores ideas.  Creativity is not a magic force - it's crafted through critical thinking.  Instead of showing the individual brush strokes it took to make the communication droid design (see screenshots), I explain the series of decisions and iterations which lead to the final product.   You'll see frequently overlooked parts of the process:  gathering reference, brainstorming, writing, and iterating.  And because the concepts in this series are extremely versatile, you'll be able to apply them to environments  props, characters... or anything you can imagine!  

Runtime: 55 Minutes  (Digital Download)


1. Intro
2. Shape
3. Applied Shape
4. Proportion
5. Using the Principles of Design
6. Iteration
7. Putting it all Together


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